Friday, November 23, 2007

Kiddo's Knucks

I've lost track of who it was, but the blog of one of my commenters said they liked to see works in progress as well as finished objects. So from a few days ago:
barely there glove

If it looks like a lot of DPNs, there are indeed 8. But I wasn't doing the pattern quite as stated: first time round, the fingers were too small, so I undid the whole lot and used the old thumb as the first finger, and continued from there. But I didn't knit a new thumb at the time. Instead when I got to the right place for the thumb, I knitted up from the bottom of the thumb.

This photo was taken on Tuesday (I think), and I have now got to the bottom of the ribbing. I think it is long enough, but that will have to wait until morning, when Kiddo gets up.

FWIW, I started two Sundays ago. Hopefully the other one will get done faster. Then it is time for me to knit a pair for Kiddo's Sibling.

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Shan said...

I like the colours.

I've never knit gloves looks fiddly.