Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

Today is my one-year blogoversary. I feel like I ought to write about How Blogging Changed My Life, and All The Cool Bloggers I've Met.

However, blogging hasn't changed my life, and I haven't met many people through it. I think I've only met one person how I wouldn't otherwise have met, and that's Caroline. I feel like I should have met Ferret through blogging, but I met her the old-fashioned real-life common-interest way.

That's not to say that the Internet hasn't changed my life. I've been posting on the Internet for over a decade, on usenet and other discussion boards. Impossible to use something for so long and remain unchanged by it.

It's only in the last year or so that my off-line life and my on-line life have started to mesh. For a very long time, most real-life acquaintances didn't really use the Internet, now with some of them we communicate most often using the Internet.

I've been thinking about doing a blogoversery give-away, but I don't know what to give away. I feel, as this tends to be a crafty-blog, it should be craft related, but what? I don't want to go and buy anything, because I am trying to destash, so that means something I've got already. But the things I have come into two categories:

  • Stuff I want to use
  • and
  • Stuff I don't want to use which must be, by definition, tat

I don't want to give away tat, because no-one would want tat. So I'd have to give away something I want, but because I want it, I don't want to give it away...


caroline said...

Happy Anniversary! I don't think you should feel obliged to give anything away. It's your anniversary - we should send you presents!!

Mandy said...

I agree with Caroline :-) ...and look! I'm 2nd to comment! hahaha...

Anyway, I did go up to the book store where my stitch 'n bitch meets, but no one was there last night. Instead I bought a Christmas present and sat on the floor pouring over the new knitting books for half an hour. I would have liked to see some people, but I still enjoyed my evening :-)

ikkinlala said...

Happy blogiversary!