Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ally Pally - what I got

We got to Alexander Palace by 9.20am, the second coach in the coach park (I think we were also the last to leave). Palm Court was incredibly busy, but once the doors were opened and they let us in, the halls themselves seemed nearly empty.

The best purchase of the day was this lovely Finnish wool from Stentorp. She had some knitted jumpers: I was very taken with one that had Viking ships and motifs - including runes that spelled the name of her farm. (They are pictured on her website.) I can picture a sweater that starts with the dark brown hem, then has the multicoloured wool, then the lighter brown. The palest one will be at the collar.wool from Finland

The second best purchase was this Noro from the Knit Today stall - 10 balls at a massively reduced price. There is only one ball of the red silk garden, 4 balls of the Kureyon and five of the purply silk garden. They did have five balls of a differnet silk garden and I debated for some time over which to get. Then I remembered the colours of the landscape at Lands End, and how entranced I'd been by the colours of the heather, the grasses and the rocks: the purple silk garden could have been dyed to match.nice noroheathlandcolours of silk garden

Oh, lets scurry through the rest, as if I don't I'll never get this all posted.

A collection of bits and pieces from various places. The purple sock needles were a hit: at least three people got them. They were from Knit n Caboodle, where I also got a tool to find out WPI and the Baby Surprise Jacket Pattern.
knitting stuff

The laceweight and the sock yarn came from KnitWitches. The lace is to make a shawl to go with a purple beaded dress, and matches incredibly well. I'm getting a bit worried though that lace will catch on the beads.

some stuff
yarn forward magazine and other things
I got a very limited amount of fabric, just six pansy fat quarters.
pansy material

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Viknits said...

Ooooooh I'm loving the purple DPNs - must definitely get them when I go to Harrogate!! Fantastic haul there!