Sunday, November 18, 2007

Edited: Why I blog less then I think about blogging.

This evening it snowed! Just a teensy bit which didn't settle, but it was snow none the less.

Yesterday, I went to Patchwork Corner, the shop which Ferret blogged about recently. I also bought some flowered shoes (not from Patchwork Corner). All pre-teens questioned said they were a bit childish, but I think they have a bit of Boden style. I'm not convinced that the make isn't a bit old ladyish, but these particular ones were nice.

I'm on the verge of making this comment on Too Much Wool. Of course the last sentence is only true sometimes, but I thought the whole thing was worth posting here too, as it does summarise my feelings.

Sometimes the blogging bit is hard, because you have to find the camera, and clear a bit of space, and take the photo(s) and upload the photos to your computer, and crop the photos, and resize the photos, and upload the photos to the internet, and write the blog post, and check the links, including the photo, and edit the post and then finally publish it. And after all that, NO-ONE COMMENTS ON IT.

(Edited; (if I've got the tags right) I've crossed out that last sentence on the comment, because really its the rest of the pfaffing around that puts me off posting. If it was important to me, I'd have a sitemeter to check whether anyone is reading, but instead I rely on comments. It sounded a bit whingy.)

Anyway, I always read all my comments, even if I don't always reply to them, or comment on your blog. Thank you for all the comments on the "two years" post.

OTOH, it is probably also worth saying I've just recently changed computer, and deliberately didn't move all my bookmarks over. So if you notice that I've suddenly stopped going to your blog, that's why. But I'm willing to start again.


Shan said...

I don't often reply to comments either. And I sometimes wonder why I don't comment more on other people's blogs - after all, we all like the interaction.

Bloglines is bad for that - you read all the posts but in order to comment you have to go to the site, not just read the feed. If you're in a hurry, skimming through the feeds, you just forget.

I'll make more of an effort.

Kim said...

I have always found commenting on blogs as a way to reach out and make new friends. Some of my closest friends now are women I have met thru blogging and then fiber events.

Come on by and say hi :-)

GenerallyGemma said...

I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes it is just too much work. Especially now I have to think ahead and take all my pictures at the weekend as it is the only time I see light!

I do try and reply to as many comments as I can although I can certainly agree with Shan about bloglines, or igoogle which I use. You can read without actually going to the site and it has made me lazy. I'm trying to have one or two days a week where I go round and actually VISIT people! Don't get disheartened!