Sunday, March 25, 2007

What I've been working on

  1. Consider the problem of doubling the cube. Explain what it is, and why it was important in the development of mathematics during Greek times.

    This is the assignemet due in a week next Monday. I'm finding it all really interesting, and we had a day school yesterday which was great. There are just so many ideas which come out of all the studying and the books. It's the connections between ideas, and also the way that human nature doesn't change. For instance in the eighteeneth century, wealthy yound men would go on the Grand Tour, and in classical times it is possible that Pythagorus and other wealthy young Greeks went on an edifying trip to Egypt and Babylonia.

  2. stocking stitch
    This is where I am with Isabella. No I haven't frogged it, I've finished the back and have started on the front - I'm using a new ball. What can I say about it? It's stocking stitch, and I'm pleased with my progress - watching Casino Royale last night helped.

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Dormouse said...

Nice progress.

Is Casino Royale any good? A friend brought it round for us to watch and we didn't get round to it so it's still sitting here waiting.