Monday, March 19, 2007

Granny Squares

On and off, I've been looking for a pattern which uses British terminology for crocheted granny squares. Last week I found two: the Peachy Ethknits website, and Jan Eaton's "The Enclyclopedia of Crochet Techniques" borrowed from the library.

Inspired by Mandy and Caroline, I was spurred on to actually make my first ever Granny square on Saturday.
dark blue granny square

By Sunday afternoon, I had four.
four granny squares

The plain ones used the directions from the website, the multicoloured ones were from Jan Eaton's book. The two patterns are constructed slightly differently, the main one being that the book starts each round with a new colour. The website shows you how to get your yarn in place for the next row, but it doesn't have a chart - I ended up drawing my own (this was before I'd checked Jan Eaton's book) and the first two squares are slightly different from each other.

The colours are reversed, but in the same order, in the multicoloured squares. The dark border frames and restricts the right hand one: the pale colours bleeding out of the other give a sense of diffusion and escape.
multicoloured granny squares
I'm not going to join the granny along, or the ripple along, tempting through they both are. However, I did finish off most of the ends, so it would look better in the photographs I'd want to show you.

And the background? It's my Isabella top from Knitty, now reached the armpits on the back. A large quantity of stocking stitch is rather dull, isn't it?

boring stocking stitch

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Put a Sock in it said...

Congrats on your first granny squares!

And in Crochet Week too! :)