Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sock pictures

On my camera there are some pictures I'd love to share with you: unfortuantely they won't upload right now. There were even some sheep for the Inner Sheep challange.

Instead, we have socks:
orange striped socks
Pattern: freebie from Web of Wool
Yarn: Annell Color, bought in Belgium
Started: A long long time ago
Finished: 6th Feb
Stash Reduction: 1 ball

The main reason they took so long was every time I got to an unfamiliar bit (eg turning the heel) I stopped and did something else. In addition, the first sock was too long when I got to the toe, and I accidently knitted the second sock even longer. They were put aside for a while, before frogging and refinishing.

I knitted the second sock much faster then the first: I had the feeling it was all nearly finished. In addition, I didn't find the kitchener stitch for the toe difficult.

I can see why people like them: a small portable project, just right for knitting on the bus. You can make perfect-fit socks far faster then you can make a perfect-fit sweater. However, I don't use public transport often enought to need something to slip into a small bag, and shop-bought socks fit my feet. Most of my knitting is at home, often in front of the television, so a sweater is a better bet for me.

I'll be making more: the orange clashes with the red shoes I am most often wear socks with.

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