Saturday, March 17, 2007

Isabella - a WIP

Last weekend, I started knitting Isabella from Knitty. This was taken on Tuesday.
some dull knitting I've made a huge load of progress since then, and am nearly up to the armholes. It helped that I took it with me to S'n'B on wednesday.

I started it three times: I'm using Rowan Cotton Glace, which has quite a different guage to the stated yarn. I knew I'd done a tension swatch beforehand, and I thought I could remember what it was. However, the first time I cast on, I went in the wrong direction, knitting a size larger when I should have gone down. Second time, I was still casting on from memory of what the gauge was, and the resulting product was still too large. Third time round, I'd found the notes I'd made and started with my third and final cast on.

I'm not doing the eyelets: I did, but with the thicker cotton it just looked clumpy. So rather then frog and redo, I dropped stitches down to the eyelets, and picked them up again. You can see where the knitting is less even, but it is good enough for me.

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