Sunday, November 12, 2006

Two finishes, and blogoversary giveaway to come

As I'd got up to seven knit WIP on Friday (excluding sewing WIP), I'm rather pleased to announce some finishes.

On Friday, I finished knitting a potscourer, made from an old plastic carrier bag (I might tell you how to do it later, OK). I'd started it on Wednesday or Thursday, so I think that was pretty good going.

Yesterday, I finished knitting a mini-Clapotis scarf for DD. She made sure the dropped stitches were dropped, and really enjoyed doing it. I can see the appeal of this bit, but basically, I found the knitting side of things rather boring. It is slightly complicated stocking stitch: on the knit side of the fabric, the pattern is two thirds knit stitches, one third twisted knit stitches. The purl side is all purl, but you have to move the stitch markers over. It is too complicated to read and knit, but you can knit it and watch TV (except Torchwood). On the other hand, the pattern is extremely well-written, and it would show off a beautiful yarn to perfection.

The seventh knit WIP is actually crotchet. For years I've used DH's old work phones, after he upgrades: by the time I get them, they are well-used, so I've always just left them lurking at the bottom of my handbag. DH was given a flash new phone at work by one of his suppliers: however it wasn't compatable with some other system he needs, so I got the phone. This one deserves a case, so I have been crotcheting one for it. It is a very simple pattern I am making up as I go along, even though it involves changes of yarn and going in rounds, and three dimensional bits all of which I have never done before. All in all, I'm very pleased with it.

I'll upload photos, later, possibly.

As it is coming up to my blogoversary, I've decided to do a little giveaway. Check back in a day or too for details.

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