Thursday, November 09, 2006

Breakages and Breakdowns

Yesterday was a day of breakages and I didn't get to S'n'B because of one.

It started with Kiddo dropping a breakfast bowl in the morning, which shattered across the kitchen floor.

In the afternoon, Kiddo switched on a light: there was the sound of something dropping and breaking, and the entire house was plunged into darkness as the electricity tripped off.

The landing light bulb had broken in the light fitting, and scattered shards of glass over the stairs, and also the pile of clean clothes I'd ironed earlier yesterday. If you know how frequently I ironed (hint: dh has ironed his own shirts since long before we met), then you'd know what a tragedy this was. The stairs were vacuumed, the washing shaken out, hung in the garden and now re-washed.

I could have still gone out, had dh not rung up on the route home from work. He'd got a puncture, and had to perform a road-side tyre change in the dark. Luckily, he carries a fluorescent yellow fleece in his boot, so at least he could be seen.

I decided to do something about cleaning the kitchen instead, and cast on my 6th knitting WIP, a non-stick pot-scourer.

I'm at home still this morning: dh has taken my car to work, and I'm in charge of getting a new tyre. Unfortunately, it is an unusual type, and nowhere has it in stock. Luckily our local tyre service can get it in for this afternoon.

NB Boot in British car lingo equates to trunk in US car lingo: the only clothing dh has in his footwear are socks.

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