Saturday, November 25, 2006


This is a bit of a filler post: I haven't had much time for reading blogs, and so I haven't been planning blog posts either. (You wouldn't believe the number of blog posts I normally write in my head or jot out in text-edit, which never get that one step further to blogger. I haven't even got any of those lined up.)

On Tuesday I met Ferret for lunch, and as we were walking to our cars, we saw a sign for a digital photo exhibition. We had a very quick look at it. The one that stood out most for me was taken in a canyon. You could see through gaps in the canyon wall into another part of the canyon. The walls of the foreground canyon were shadowed (but not in darkness) and the colour of the stone was yellowy-brown stone. The other canyon was brilliantly lit with stone that looked pinky-orange in the sunlight. It deserves to be part of a fantasy novel.

I got to S'n'B on Wednesday: it was Chris's birthday, and there was plenty of cake to go round. I started a second pair of Fetching (the first pair was started after my last post and needs to have some thumbs). Tracey told us about the discussions for the book she is currently illustrating: if I told you what it was about, you might think Stash Enhancement eXpeditions, but you'd be wrong...

Iris has done a round-up of the one-yard fabric swop. I sent to Amanda - parcel here - and received this from Caitlyn. I enjoyed this swop: it was fun choosing a load of little things for someone else, and I especially liked the fabric shopping. Amanda's questionnaire, and her blog, gave enough clues to her colour preferences that I was confident she'd like mine. The nicest thing was that she said in her questionnaire that anything she was sent would be lovely.

Check out Iris' post for a full list of participants.


Dormouse said...

Nice swoppy stuff. We've got a stack of those little Marmite hearts which a regularly gifted to unsuspecting people in other parts of the world. Hours of fun laughing at their reactions to the vile stuff. I'm a hater but Phill loves it and can't understand how anyone could feel otherwise.

I'm alway writing posts and comments in my head and 90% of them never make it to the 'puter.

amanda said...

the digi photo exhibition would be fun! i always enjoy seeing photos and wondering what the photog was thinking, trying to do with each photo.

and yes, i think Iris put together a lovely swap! and i know my goodies were thoughtfully chosen :o)

and the good news, i'm ok with the marmite. my kids hated it and had i thought about it i would have had the video camera running before they tried it. it really isn't as bad as people claim (though my family would argue the point).