Monday, February 08, 2010

Getting nowhere

I sometimes feel like I seem to spend a long time making stuff, but never get anything done. It was with that sentiment I listed the projects I worked on in the sidebar.

The things I worked on in January were:

  1. Wristwarmers for me
  2. No 5 Crib (backstitch)
  3. Knucks for J
  4. Leaf quilt
  5. Loden jacket
  6. Knitted Christmas Tree
  7. Knitted holly leaf
  8. Elephant silhouettes
  9. TT Scissor Keep
  10. Limbo jumper
  11. Elphine Socks
Eleven different things! Only three of them were finished, and two of those - the Holly Leaf and the Christmas Tree - were afternoon projects and hence forgotten about almost as soon as they were made. Seven of them were started a while ago, where "a while" does not mean last year. The other one was started after Christmas, and is still ongoing, but it has had several iterations.

The finishes were good, but what would have happened if I had concentrated on one other thing, rather then doing bits of eight? Some of them are very big, but others are just little fast things. I like varying what I am doing, but should I concentrate on just a couple? Or should I make sure I work on these other things more frequently? Added complication, in that there are a number of different crafts in that list - knitting (stocking stitch and lace), crochet, needlework, sewing. Complex, simple, big, small, designed myself or pattern. Different things to suit different moods, but is it too much?

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scarletti said...

Too much?! Nah, depends how many moods you allow yourself. Seems sane by me!