Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last Week...

Last week was a week of restless crafting. Pick up project, do a few stitches, put down project, pick up other project, do a few stitches, put down project, repeat while more projects undone.

(Alas, no pictures today, sorry)

Between Monday morning and Wednesday teatime last week, I had done the following (in spite of spending a major amount of time out of the house each day):

1) stitched some of the elephant silhouette embroidery kit
2) Cast on right front of Kidsilk Haze jacket
3) added a few stitches to my travellers tales scissor keep
4) cast on the two sleeves for my Limbo jumper

Most of them had been languishing at the bottom of the projects heap for a minimum of two years, UFOs waiting to become WIPs again. Only the Loden jumper was at all current, and even that had it's Ravelry profile set to "hibernating".

But this wasn't some kind of impulse to get going on old projects. I had really wanted to start the following:

1) "Pax Vobiscum" cross stitch from Country Stitches, but I couldn't because I didn't have the right threads or background
2) Beret from a 1960s pattern, but none of my yarn was quite right
3) Something, anything new.

It was only the lack of supplies and time to buy something new that prevented me from starting a dozen new projects. The UFOs were sufficiently old that they seemed almost new.

However, without new supplies, I continued on with what I had. The elephant silouhettes has been worked on every day, and is nearly finished. The sleeves, aided by time at Knitting Group have grown well. The front of the scissor keep is finished. Only Loden has been ignored.

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tea and cake said...

oh, wow. sometimes lack of supplies can be a good thing? You achieved a lot - I've only done a few more squares on my blanket. Oops, I haven't posted about that yet, have I? But, I am still wading thru the students' paperwork, grr.x