Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Needlework not Knitting

My knitting mojo must be somewhere, but it certainly isn't anywhere near me. For the last two weeks or so, I've only knitted at the knitting group. I tried picking up my current project today, but 20 minutes later, it was put down again.

What I have been doing is lots of sewing. Or to be precise, embroidery. All from other people's designs, in the form of kits. And the problem with that - from a blogging POV - is that the photos are not the most scintillating of blog candy.

Just look at these photos:
All of last year
square of
28th January
square of
21st February
square of
24th February
square of
If it was four photos of knitting or quilting or dressmaking, I could display them differntly: draped or folded, neatly piled or strewn. But embroidary is basically flat, the size if the piece is the same (even if the area covered by stitches changes). Even changing the backgound doesn't actually make a great deal of difference to the photo.

I am enjoying it, and I'm enjoying the needlework blogs I've been exploring. But my photos are a bit dull.


tea and cake said...

this is so pretty! Have you made so much progress because of the snow?

Penny said...

No not really: I've just been neglecting a lot of other things I ought to be doing.

I finished the stitching yesterday, now I have to make it up. But today I got distracted by a new idea...