Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scarf Progress

Thanks for the comments on the last post. I'm not the only slow-crafting Latin-reading blogger out there then.

When knitting a garter stitch scarf, progress should be smooth shouldn't it, and not require frogging much? The only complex bit of the Baktus scarf was that during the first half of the scarf, you increase on occasion, and for the second half, you decrease. However progress was in fact slow, and involved three lots of frogging.

It went like this

  • Tuesday: cast on a swatch to choose the right needle size
  • Wednesday: frog swatch, start knitting
  • Thursday: realise that yarn-over increases create holes, and there is no easy decrease which will make holes at the other end: frog knitting completely
  • Friday: realise that the scarf is coming out quite triangular, rather then a crooked rectangle. Decide to change the increase frequency, hence frog half progress to date.
  • Saturday: knit lots
  • Sunday: knit a bit
  • Monday: don't knit
  • Tuesday: knit a bit
  • Wednesday: knit a teeny bit, blog

Unfortunately, I haven't got a good photo of the scarf at the moment. This picture was taken when I was trying to work out whether to change the rate of increases:
cutting mat and scarf

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scarletti said...

Not being mathematical AT ALL I look at this picture and go a bit Pooh Bearish and hum a bit as I figure out what I'm looking at. That's how you use these things! Ah!! I've been sketching out diagrams and placing improvisations on top since I didn't have a clue how those squared mats worked. I just see squares=maths=blank panic! Thank you for this lightbulb moment!