Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ancient Greek Day - the Next Gen

I've got some news! But first you have to read the rest of the post :-).

The children seemed to enjoy the ancient Greek maths I talked about in the last post. I was a bit thrown by the boy whose dad had already shown him how to draw equilateral triangles. However, my book about maths showed you the next proposition from the Elements - how to copy the length of a line from one place to another, and the two of us worked through that together. He seemed to enjoy it.

What really impressed the children at the end was showing them how to draw a hexagon, using only ruler and compass.

There were several people helping and teacher organising the day mentioned that her mother (she is a young teacher) would be having a similar day at her school. So I muttered something about being willing to be run a similar session if the mother was interested.

And here is the news:

I had phone calls from people at two different schools.

One was from the aunt of one of the pupils. She was wondering if I'd be willing to a similar session for her school. (I was willing, but there has been no follow-up from there).

However the teacher's mother got in touch as well. It's all arranged: I will now be doing a similar session for a completely different age group at a completely different school.

This could be the start of something!

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scarletti said...

Fantastic, I'm glad it was inspiring for all. You must have done a really good job.