Thursday, November 13, 2008

Which to choose first

K-thud. K-thump. The post has arrived - but what to open first?

Should I open the latest Yarn Forward? Or should I open the Bulletin of British Society for the History of Maths?

The Bulletin won out: good articles to savour for later. Some of them are on topics of particular interest, but as one of my readers is also in the BSHM, I won't tell you the contents.

Yarn Forward was the second thing to be opened. I thought last month's was fairly dire, with nothing in it which I wanted to knit. This is the opposite: several interesting things. A lot of them are really rather modern, but not one-season wonders.

I was one of Yarn Forward's first subscribers, so there will be a number of other people re-subscribing this issue. It's almost as if they saved up all the good patterns from the last two issues and put them in this to get the maximum number of re-subscribers. Or maybe they wanted to put the boring, mass-market appeal patterns last month, to attract the audience who were first seeing it in WHSmith.

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Roobeedoo said...

Interesting. I'm afraid I gave up on YF a long time ago. Just... uninspiring. I wish Twist came out in print - I could spend hours looking at the images!