Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How long?

A few days ago, I found some old morning pages of mine. Flicking through them, I came across my first mentions of thinking about starting a blog. I was a reader of 43 folders, and a few craft blogs. That was June 2005: my blog started three years ago on Friday.

This isn't the blogerversary post: that will come on Friday. There will also be a blogaversary giveaway.

However, that is not all. Looking round at my craft stuff, there is a lot of it. It fills all the space I am willing to allocate. Although I am not in a state of SABLE it is time for me to do something with some of it. So Friday's giveaway will be the first of a sequence, probably posted on Mondays, until the time for giveaways ends. There are no promises, let's see what happens.

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