Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giveaway - result

It is now past the 24th, so I declare my giveaway closed.

I am reminded of the competitions that used to be in the student newspaper when I was at University. My friend was the paper's film critic: the manager of the local cinema used to give him promotional things, like sweatshirts and LPs of film soundtracks. The competition prizes would be these promotional items, and it was fairly easy to win. Usually all you had to do was enter: they'd often be more prizes then entrants.

It is in that spirit that I bring you the winners of the giveaway. Shan will win the grand prize of the little pots, complete with something crafty to go with it. And all the other commenters - that's you, Roobeedoo - will also get a little prize. From your blogs, you seem to be mainly knitters, so it be knitting-related. And it will probably take me a couple of weeks to post them.


Shan said...

Wonderful! I got back from a week away, and read this while catching up on my blogs. Thanks so much - I look forward to receiving your package.

Roobeedoo said...

Ooh - thank you!