Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Secret Crochet Flowers

I haven't been posting many pictures, because I seem to have been mostly doing secret projects.

crochet flowers, with blue or green centres and yellow petals

These flowers were for a swop on knittingforums. We were supposed to have knitted during May and sent them by the beginning of June.

I choose a pattern from Knitting Loves Crochet, for the Ice-blue Openwork scarf. The knitting was easy, but there were also a load of crochet flowers. Each flower took a lot longer to make then I was expecting. When it came to sewing them in place - each flower had 4 ends to finish, and was held in place by 5 sets of two or three stitches. There were over 100 bits of sewing to do, on a three colour scarf!

It finally got posted a month late and the package had arrived. However the woman I'd knitted for was away and hadn't seen it. So I didn't want to put pictures on my blog, jon the off-chance she saw them.


Anonymous said...


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Knot Garden said...

Those flowers look like sand and sea colours to me. They are beautifully done. Sewing in the ends is always a chore though, LOL! I bet your swap partner loved them.