Sunday, July 06, 2008

Essay - all done

Well, I have at last finished my 2000 word essay on English Natural Philosophy 1660-1720. I hope my tutor doesn't mind that that I said there was "a confusing web" of ideas.

My creative impulse has been to make a XXXX for a swop, and until I know the swoppee has got it, I won't be posting about it.

I also gave a Greek geometry lesson to Kiddo's class during their Ancient Greek Day. That was fun, and they seemed impressed that you could draw an equalateral triangle using a ruler and compasses. I'm tempted by the idea of going into help with maths on a more regular basis...

It also gave me a chance to see what the other mums had done about costumes. Put it like this: Kiddo was the only Hoplite, but I saw a lot of bed-sheets.

I've started making water bottle carriers for our summer holiday. I ought to take some photos...

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