Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I thought the leek looked fresh

Today's tea was going to be pork and leek stir-fry.

Well, that was until I saw the caterpillar, which had been hiding in the leek:

caterpillar by leek

I did what everyone does in the circumstances:

  1. shrieked
  2. called the children for an impronto natural history lesson
  3. decided to add it to the pot for extra protein
  4. got out the camera

OK, maybe everyone doesn't do all of those - darn thing tried to make its' escape:
caterpillar by leek
caterpillar by leek

(I took it to the compost heap, along with the rest of the leek.)


Mrs C said...

That's one fresh leek!

Shan said...

At least you know it wasn't over-sprayed!

I have been growing broccoli this year. The first few flowers were fine, but then the bugs found them and I ended up with two on my cutting board one evening. Bleurgh.

kate said...

Honestly -- I probably would have eaten the leek (after rinsing it again).