Saturday, April 21, 2007

MP3 cosies or Diophantus

an orange and a red MP3 cosy;Just over a week ago, I completed not one, but two MP3 player cosies.

Mine matches the phone case from last year and Dh's has a flap you can tuck in:

The Details:
Yarn orange: - bought from Taj Yarn at Ally Pally last year, in a mixed pack of random fibres.
Yarn red: - Rowan felted tweed
Pattern: my own
Hook size: 3.5mm
Time: orange - 3 days, red - 1 evening (April 2007)

Notes: none really! They are a basic bag shape, with practically every stitch a double (UK) crochet. They are easy to make, but I will write up a pattern, sometime.

My other WIP is my OU course: I'm currently studying the transmission of maths from the Roman period to the Renaissance (although actually it wasn't the Romans doing the maths, the main centre was in Alexandria in Egypt, which was part of the Roman Empire: the scientists of the time wrote in Greek, and could best be described as Hellenistic). I could also tell you lots about Diophantus, who is believed to have lived around 250AD. He wrote a book on number theory, called Arithmetica. His other works are lost to us. The problem with having done University level maths (a long time ago) and studying History of Maths is that I expect the maths to be difficult to understand. It isn't, a lot of it is secondary school level, and so comes into the category of easy, even if I've forgotten precisely how to do it.

(Isn't it interesting that the British refer to the Romans as having an Empire, which they did when they invaded the country, and built roads within a few miles of where I live, but US writers tend to refer to the Roman Republic, which was superceded by the time they built roads within a few miles of where I live.)

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