Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If I could...

If I could upload photos to my website, I'd could show you pictures of my new Summer Tweed yarn from sheepish, or the new MP3 cosies which I finished last week, or the only item of crotchet I can remember from my childhood.

Unfortunately, I can't.

I started writing up the pattern for the MP3 cosies (I made two): its harder then it looks. I am so tempted to do it in pseudo-code, in the style of a computer program.

CONST hook1=3.5mm (normal);
CONST hook2=5mm (large);

VAR hook;

hook = hook2;

WHILE chain <= MP3-player-width DO
{chain 1;}

hook = hook1;

Hmm, maybe not quite so like a computer program.

1 comment:

Anna Belle said...

I love your code pattern! Back in my crocheting days, my initial chains were always a bit tight, and now I realize I should just have used a larger hook. Of course. Reading it in code, this leaps out, and inspires me to subscribe to your blog.