Monday, April 02, 2007

A clean fridge

The Easter holidays are here, and so the children are at home all day. It also means I haven't got on with studying (the next thing to do is to watch a DVD about the transmission of knowledge), but have instead defrosted the fridge.

I thought about taking a photo, and posting it, like the domestic crafty blogs out there but when I actually looked in my fridge, I thought instead of Jane's post today. I try and avoid commenting too much on the goings on in the blogosphere, because basically, either you are already reading it, or you aren't interested.

In essence, the poster had revealed something about herself which meant a commenter could never read her blog again. It struck me how the snippets that we show on blogs are a mere part of the story. From reading my blog, you can learn odd bits about me, some said directly, others hinted at. I've read hints on other blogs that I read that make me wonder whether that person would ever talk to me. When in a supermarket I look in the baskets and trolleys of other people to see if I can piece together their life - single mother? married with teenagers? - and similarly looking in my fridge maybe you too could piece together more of my life then I would like.

The suspect ingredients? A pack of organic cheese, next to a pack of cheese dippers. What does that say about me? Especially as behind them was a tray with three eggs, not in a box, which doesn't tell you that they are local free-range eggs. And the exact choice of puddings (UK pudding == dessert).

In other news, my essay was sent last week, Isabella progress went backwards, but is now much improved, and I didn't go to the Angel Yarns Cake Day for reasons I'd tell you in person, not on a blog.


katelnorth said...

Well, I had to laugh at the contents of your fridge, as mine happens to contain a package of if-not-organic-at-least-bought-directly-from-the-small-producer-at-the-local-farmer's-market cheddar, and a box of cheese dippers. And other stuff too, of course. Not sure quite what that says about either of us, other than we'd probably be able to have a good chat over a coffee. Or whatever beverage!

Oh, and the purpose of not showing your fridge photo because of what it might tell us is kind of defeated if you then describe the entire contents of the fridge. Though I notice you didn't say just what the choice of desserts was... :)

Iris said...

Blogs can be strange places... I have often thought along similar lines. You read a blog and you automatically build some kind of image of the person behind it, but really what we get to read is so edited.

In a way of course this is true of real life as well. We all to some extent create who we want to be, showcase some things while censor others, but in real life there are more opportunities to look behind the persona we create for ourselves.

Still, at least it doesn't mean that the way we get to know a person through their blog is entirely false - it's just one aspect of what a person is.