Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Guessing a mystery quilt

I've told you a bit about my mystery quilt from Popular Patchwork, here and here.

I've now done parts two and three, and am waiting to get part four when the magazine comes out on Friday. I won't give you details, on the off chance anyone is doing the same mystery and has found their way here. But I was right when I thought the 3 7/8 inch squares would end up as half square triangles, and wrong when I said the yellow squares would be joined to green squares.

Here is a tiny snippet of some of my fabrics: all the greens, and the neutral.

three green materials and a cream one

I had a go at seeing what combination it could be, and fairly quickly came up with one. It almost put itself together, and I nearly like it. I think I can describe, without giving away the secrets: a central square, surround by a yellow border, surrounded by a green and cream border, with the outer edging of cabbages.

I don't like it for two reasons: the corners are pale, and I think they might look better with my darkest fabric. The yellow border seems too pale in comparison to the rest of the colours.

Maybe the final quilt will be different. Maybe it will be almost the same. Maybe I'll swop the dark green for a lighter green and redo those blocks, or maybe I'll swop the light yellow for a darker one, and redo those ones. Or maybe I'll say "that's life" and have it just as it is.

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