Thursday, May 11, 2006


Kureyon has a lovely wooly feel, soft in that slightly scratchy way some wool has. I was willing to forgive it much for that wooliness.

Here it is early on, before it had shown its' true nature.

first few rows of scarf

It wasn't a perfect scarf even then - the turns of first few short rows had been done incorrectly (my fault, not the pattern's). When I changed to doing them correctly, the angle between the two colours changed, and the scarf no longer lay flat. But I could live with that.

I could live with the way it varied between fluffy and too thin.

I was slightly annoyed when I realised that the really fluffy section knitted just after this photo hid a knot, which also reversed the colour sequence. Blue to pink to blue - that isn't too bad though. I could live with that.

I could live with the way that when I changed balls, the end of Ball One was very dark drab brown and the start of Ball Two was brilliant lime green, a discordant colour change. I frogged a dozen rows, rejiggered the colour change and continued...

Then came the transgression too far: ball two also had a break in the yarn, knotted together causing a sudden colour change half a triangle from the start of the ball.

It was just one thing too many. I do have two more balls, but peering at the end, they look like the colour sequence is the same and that they start at more or less the same spot. Ideal for sleeves, if you like your sleeves to match a bit. I don't want to waste that pairing on a scarf.

Kureyon is nice wool, nice colours. But the knots - two out of two balls with knots? Will it become three out of three, four out of four balls?

I put my knitting down for the rest of the evening.

I learnt something about myself. I know I like ordered symmetry. I know I like randomness. I now know I don't like nearly order, fake order.

But I don't know if I like Kureyon enough to buy some more.


Mandy said...

I knit a bag for my mom the other week and had the same problem. I had knots in two of the three balls, and I had to do all kinds of weird things to make it look right. It is really frustrating. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I do have a ring (he did a good job picking out what I like) and we have the date set for June 23, 2007.

Marji said...

I totally agree on the Noro. I knit the Lady Eleanor with silk garden, and used silk garden in a sweater that got frogged and became another sweater...Eisaku (or however you spell it) Noro may be a color genius, but for my money the yarn is Crap (sacrilege to say that I know). knots, inconsistent spin, some places No spin, way too much debris, I won't buy any more Noro yarns. Sorry you had such a frustrating experiance.