Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where are those pictures??

Yes, I said I'd put some pictures up, and no I haven't done so yet.

I've been looking at free picture hosting sites, starting with a couple of lists from image host advisory. I'd rejected loads for the basic reason of "I don't like the initial interface", and was on the verge of doing a proper comparison of the remaining couple of dozen.

However, I've also been planning to set up my own semi-professional website. I've got plans for the future, and having my own website is an early goal. So if I've got my own website, why worry about a free photo host? I can use my website to host my pictures.

The first problem is choosing the right name. The perfect name is gone. The nearly perfect name is gone. There is a skew of names that will suit, and I need to pick my way through them and choose just the right name. And those thoughts take time. So the pictures will wait

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