Monday, April 17, 2006

Stash Thoughts

I like to look at wool and fabric and other crafty stuff, and contemplate the options of what I could do with it - the potential jumpers and blankets and patterns and pictures that could come from it.

On the other hand, when it enters my stash, it becomes heavy with responsibilty. I have it, therefore I Must Do Something With It.

My stash has a natural maximum, an amount which if exceeded is just plain Too Much. I can't stand the idea of SABLE (stash acquired beyond lifetime expectancy), but I'm also afraid of not having enough. In between is the Right Amount, and at the moment, I'm on the high end of the Right Amount - any more and it would become too much.

I nearly capitulated to yarn desire last week, though. I was staying with relatives, and two days running went into their local town centre. I did boring shopping, but I also went into the fabric/yarn shop. It had a much wider variety of yarn then in my local shops, which seem to only have Sirdar and Hayfields. This shop has Rowan and Jaegar and Wendy and Patons and Peter Pan and Twilleys and even some Gedifra.

I was tempted, very very tempted to buy some wool. I saw it in the bargain bin, three balls of chunky red Twilleys Freedom. I'm sure it can be felted, and there was some lovely matching variegated wool from the same range, in oranges and reds. Or I could have got some purple with matching variegated wool in purples and greens.

picture of Twilleys Freedom from destash blog
I could even picture what I would do with it, a felted bag using mosaic squares from Vivian Hoxbro, as shown on a blog I surfed too last week. I could buy three balls of plain, and two of variegated, and use the variegated to make the inset squares and and the plain to make the surrounding.

The first time I went into the shop, I put it back, because I might be going back the next day. The second time, I remembered the Noro Kueryon, which I bought to make a felted bag with. So I put it back again.

PS the picture is from this possibly deleted post from destash blog.

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