Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Strangely bereft

The alpaca scarf is cast off, and just needs me to finish off the ends (I can't say "off the needles", because it has a sewing needle in it).

That leaves me with no complex knitting in progress.

That makes me feel me feel ... somewhat lost.

It's not that I have nothing crafty to do - two quilts in progress, a tapistry, various odd bits of embroidery - as well as two jumpers I am knitting. It's just I have nothing that will get me into the "zone". The jumpers are too easy, just stocking stitch: I don't need to concentrate on those, I can read while I knit them, for heavens sake. The quilts both need use of the sewing machine, which while it can be fun, involves too much stopping to press seams to get into the right meditative mood. The embroideries might do it, but they have been untouched so long it will take a while to get back into them.

I'm thinking about making a clam shell bag from an early Knitting. You knit several clam shells, each using four different colours - they used Rowan wools. Then you sew them together to make a bag. If I remember the pattern, it is reasonably complex, and is just the right thing to occupy my mind.

Unfortunately, it is the kind of object where the right colours will make it beautiful, and the wrong colours will make it garish. So that means searching through my stash, which means uninterupted time and space to spread out and ponder. And I haven't got the hour or two with no-one around to make the choices, so I can't begin it yet.

Which leaves me rather frustrated.

However, I have found a use for some other knitting I'd discarded: I'll blog that when I've got some taken some suitable pictures.

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