Friday, October 10, 2008

Exam Done and Box Contents!

These are the three items I selected from the box swop organised by Trash.
square of

The pompom maker in the middle was one of the first things I saw when I opened the box and it was something I wanted. Then I saw the squares, and I really wanted them: I've been collecting 6.5"ish squares for ages, for a background project I'm doing some of the time. The Jungle Babies pattern looks like it will be fun to do.

All of the fabric squares:
square of

My exam was on Wednesday, and there were four questions I felt confident abut answering, which is always nice. I spent most of the time writing, which is good in an essay paper. I think I showed enough breadth of knowledge, but depth? Not sure about. Results in December, fingers crossed.

I have done nothing for the last two days, since the exam. Well, apart from read the odd blog, and done some washing. I have a huge backlog of stuff to do, but I haven't even really thought about it. I feel like I've just been washed up on the beach, having being swimming frantically for the shore, only occasionally coming up for air. Now, I know I'll have to go into the forest at some point soon, and start building a shelter and foraging for food, and doing all the things one does when washed up on a distant island. But right now, I'm lying on the beach, resting until I can summon the energy to get on with them.

I will be going to the Knitting and Stitching show on Sunday. Just off to check whether anyone has blogged about it yet.


Shan said...

Very apt metaphor.

katelnorth said...

Well, I guess you're glad you came after me as I put two of those three things in the box!!

Penny said...

You've excellent taste, Kate! I agonised for ages over whether I could take two of them as I was the first person to see them, but Trashy said I could, and she's in charge. :-)