Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I survived an Earthquake

Or perhaps that should read "I felt a minor Earthquake which took place some way away".

The BBC story is here.

It was a big Earthquake for Britain - there was at least one injury. And lots of chimneys fell down. I know this is barely newsworthy any where else, but for us in Britain it is headline news.

It was just before 1am, and I felt the thing I was sitting on wobble from side to side. I heard some floorboards creaking. Not a lot else to say :-).

FWIW, if you felt it, there is a questionnaire at the British Geological Survey here.

The last time I felt an Earthquake, it was like having a hippo turning over several times in bed next to me.


Shan said...

Yeah earthquakes are weird and unsettling. I particularly don't care for the ones that come with a roaring, freight-train-like sound. They give me the wiggins.

Viknits said...

Thanks :) It's really weird in an earthquake isn't it.. I didn't actually feel this one :( but we were on top of one in Manchester a few years ago and it sounded like a bomb going off in slow motion. Reeally weird!
PS. I love the photo of the funky fur caterpillar/hat, that made me giggle :)
I'm a bit snobby with yarn but certainly acrylic has it's place and is v useful! (I'm sure my attitude will change when I have kids!)