Friday, February 22, 2008

English coast

We went to the Suffolk coast last weekend. The weather was cold, windy and sunny. The colours were fascinating in the clear light: the sky really was this even clear blue.

seagull in very blue sky

Another shot, looking up a cliff, catching the bushes silhouetted against the sky.

bushes against clear blue sky

Equally fascnating was the sea. The colour was a dark greeny-purple.

sea and sky and sand

One photo just caught a glimpse of the wind turbine in Lowestoft on Saturday. The sails had been removed following a lightning strike.

wind turbine post

By Sunday morning, they had put them back on: if I'd known in advance I'd have tried for better photos. In the little basket hanging down from the crane there are two people: you don't get a sense of the scale from just looking at it.

wind turbine with sails

Craft wise, I am making a funky fur hat for Kiddo. Yes I know some people are snobbish about acrylic and polyester. OTOH, she specifically asked for it, and I like Sirdar Funky Fur. It feels nice, and is easy to knit with: well you can't see the stitches very well, but if you don't need tolook at it, it is easy to knit. When I took this photo it was looking rather caterpillar like, but it has grown widthwise then.
knitting in leafless tree
The yarn came from a wool shop in Lowestoft "at the top of town". If you start in the main part of town, say by Chads or the library and keep walking through the pedestrianised centre - away from the station - then over at the traffic lights and keep going upwards a little way, there is a smallish shop on the right. It had a good range of medium priced brands, including sock wool.


Donna said...

Those are some wonderful pictures of the contrasts in nature. The sky is a huge inspiration for me also.

Penny said...

Thanks, Donna. It is really quite unusual over here to have such an even sky. Usually there is more 'texture' to it from clouds etc.

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Penny,

Thanks for visiting my blog and reassuring me about my mess!

Lovely blue sky photos there - they make me look forward to the summer.


ps. I'm no yarn snob ..... most of my monkees are acrylic and proud of it!