Thursday, October 11, 2007

Exam: Over

Exam was yesterday. I wrote for most of the time. I repeated myself lots. I missed out some important information about methods before calculus: that wasn't the question where I repeated myself. My essay on maths in the ancient world kept saying that we had limited sources. My essay on important new developments said why they were important at least twice per development. The bit about square roots of negative numbers veered between i and square roots of other negative numbers. Did I say I repeated myself?

Today, I did nothing. Well not quite, I threaded the sewing machine, and I worked on a cross-stitch kit. The kit was from Traveller's Tales, who are exhibiting at Ally Pally. I didn't go today.

I will do nothing much tomorrow as well. Doing nothing much is slightly more productive then doing nothing. I might actually sew with the sewing machine. I won't go to Ally Pally tomorrow either.

On Saturday, I will go to Ally Pally. I will take my green stripey bag, and I will probably wear a brown jumper with a front made of crochet squares. If you see me, please say hi.

From February 2006 until my exam yesterday, I've had a constant selection of Big Worries. Today is the first day in over 18 months where I have none.


Shan said...

Oh good for you being done the exam. It's nice to have it over, isn't it? I always felt so great the moment I walked out of the auditorium into the free air, after handing in the last leaflet of the last exam.

Mary-Lou said...

Always good to get out of the exam! If you're at Ally Pally tomorrow, drop by the Knit & Relax stand and say hello!

Queen of the froggers said...

Have a great time at Ally Pally. Thank you for the comment and here is to no more worries! x

Viknits said...

Thanks for the comment :) Well done for getting your exam out the way, that must be a relief. And hey sometimes it's good to do nothing much, just to chill out and enjoy your time a bit. I'm doing nothing much at the mo, and my OH calls me a 'productive bum' because I'm bumming about but being productive too!

Fiona said...

Glad the exam is out of the way. I think most exams involve repetition.

Hope you enjoy Ally Pally.