Saturday, May 19, 2007

How much silk?

If someone you knew was going on a business trip to a country famed for its silk, and was possibly going to get a chance to go shopping, but even if they did, they were only taking hold luggage so they couldn't bring back much: under those circumstances, what would be a good amount of silk to bring back? How much would one need to make a dress?

Having got that out of the way, Vicky has tagged me for a meme: to write eight random things about myself.

  1. 1) My favourite film used to be Star Wars: it was the first film I positively wanted to see. I don't really have a favourite any longer.

  2. I don't find trousers particularly comfortable so I rarely wear them. If I could find a comfortable but stylish make I'd probably wear them more.

  3. I go to a Pilates class most weeks.

  4. I had a haircut this morning.

  5. I can't help wondering if this is the same meme as the seven random things meme, but one of them mutated. That is a random thing about me: I was also temped to search out my faithful D8 to put these in a random order.

  6. I have had an online presence for more then 10 years. I started on Usenet (sometimes called Netnews: some "google groups" are actually usenet groups).

  7. When I do left-brain/right-brain quizzes, I tend to come out fairly evenly balanced.

  8. My two favourite subjects at school were maths and English.

I'm now supposed to tag some other people, but I don't really like doing that (what if they say no?) So, if anyone wants to be tagged, consider yourself tagged (Rosamundi? Ferret? If you aren't too busy.)


Rain said...

I think as much silk as they can possibly carry would be a fair amount ;)

Karol-Ann said...

Now, you didn't get very personal with those 8 things, did you? But maybe that's just because I don't know anything about you except that you've visited my blog.

I agree on the previous silk comment. As much as they would be prepared to carry. At least a few metres!!! I should actually ask my friend how much she brought me. She's recently been to India and brought me some silk/s(?) back, but I haven't seen her yet, so I don't know how much. Probably rude to ask LOL...

Penny said...

No, not too personal :-). I tend to be a bit, well not paranoid, but definately careful, about what personal info I put online.

Thanks for the advice about the silk: they may get no shopping time, so I'm not too hopeful of getting anything

Ferret said...

OK, I'll be tagged. I'll give it some thought over lunch.

Sarah Jayne said...

Thank you... Just got your package today - it's lovely - many thanks. I'll post a photo of it on my blog today. Thanks again.

Penny said...

That was fast Sarah - I posted it after 4.30pm yesterday.

sooz said...

Penny - on the silk thing, it depends a lot on what kind of silk. If you are talking that very lightweight sari type silk from India it packs up very small and you could well get multiple metres even in hold luggage. Vietnam has fabulous mid-weight brocade and shot silks, Thailand and China have great heavy weight, stiffer silks. The weight of the silk will to some degree dictate the use and therefor the required amounts (tops, skirts, dresses, jackets, scarves). Small amounts of heavy silk make fabulous purses and bags, or details on cushions. I use scraps on the insides of ears for fabric toys for example. Also word your friend up on quality - it is easy to buy silk that sews badly because the threads or weaving is uneven. I've purchased a lot of bad silk throughout Asia!
PS glad you liked th fabric!gisuao