Monday, May 28, 2007

First Swap Package

Here is the contents of the package that Soozs sent me for the Fibbertygibbet swop.

This picture shows everything:
material and stuff

but hides these guys:

which are near the bottom of the panel:
material panel

The charms are great. I can recognise an elephant when I see one,
elephant charm

but I'm not sure whether this cheeky chappy is a monkey.
monkey charm

The braids are worth a picture to themselves.

The whole package is great. The blue colour is really rich. I love the flowers on the material with flowers. It would never occur to me to buy a panel, but it opens up huge numbers of creative possibilities.

Thank you very much, Sooz.


rosamundi said...

the second charm looks like a dog, rather than a monkey.

Lovely swap package :-)

aykayem said...

I think that charm is definitely a dog - it looks like Diesel, our golden retriever!
(there are some photos of him on )
btw - I LOVE that blue elephant fabric!
- Andrea, in Australia

Dormouse said...

LOL, I was coming to post that the charm looked like Bracken my Golden Retriever. :)

Really yummy stuff you got there.