Friday, December 29, 2006


Two pairs of Fetching for nieces.

One pair of gloves for sister, which matches the scarf I made for her
last year.
pair of gloves

The yellow/orange gloves were based on a pattern which my Mum gave to me: the pattern is for plain gloves. I modified the pattern by knitting the ribbing in the orange, and added the fair-isle stripe. I ran out of the yellow and had to do one finger with a completely different yarn, that matches incredibly well, even though it is an unknown age and composition.


Ferret said...

I like the fingerless gloves. I think I will give them a go. I need a gentle introduction to golves and I think they are perfect.

Dormouse said...

Nice gloves.

Theoretically I can knit, I remember my Mum teaching me when I was a kid. Your blog always makes me feel like I should give it another go. :)

Oh and Happy New Year!!!!

Penny said...

The Fetching pattern seems to be easier then sock knitting.

Thanks for saying that, Dormouse. Most of my in-links seem to be from quilters, so I was a bit worried about whether they like reading about knitting.

Dormouse said...

Never fear, personally I love looking at your knitting stuff. It's gorgeous and so are the yarns. There is something fascinating about the crafts that people share in thier blogs. There used to be a fantastic one by a guy that carved wood. It's not something I'd do myself but was wonderful nevertheless.