Sunday, December 24, 2006

For post-Christmas Knitting

All the Christmas crafting is now done, and unfortunately, it is all top secret, so I can't show you yet.

The post-Christmas crafting is being prepared. With my ILs around, I can't make anything that involves more then 2 seconds of concentration. Theirs is a non-knitting household, so they don't know not to interrupt a knitter who is counting stitches or following the intricate part of a chart. Hence the decision to make Kiddo the Funky Fur scarf she's been asking for: she has a Funky Fur hat which she loves.

I was doing last minute shopping yesterday, and stopped in John Lewis to buy the yarn. In their sale bin was a single ball in a colour to match her hat. I got a blue ball that goes well enough: all that is required now is a pair of knitting needles.
funky fur
Because I am on a sort-of yarn diet, I admired the Kureyon they now sell, but didn't actually buy any. I also didn't buy any 4-ply to knit myself some gloves.

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Holly Burnham said...

Oooooh, a yarn diet. I'm sorry; so painful.

You must get in the habit of counting out loud in the presense of non-knitters.