Monday, October 09, 2006

Warning: Lace ahead

wool and mosswool and mosswool and mossThese three pictures all show the same ball of Fleece Artist merino bought from Get Knitted stall at the Knitting and Stitching show at the NEC. The colourway is called moss, and you can see how accurately they have replicated the colours of real moss.

Although the wool is sold as sock wool, it tells me "I'm a shawl, a lacy shawl, a pretty lacy shawl you want to knit soon". However, I only got one skein - 325m long - which doesn't seem like a lot.

Luckily it is enough for the Diamond Fantasy shawl designed by Sivia Harding. In fact, the shawl shown on her website used Fleece Artist merino. All the 'Net Knitters I can find seem to have liked it. But I wasn't sure about.

small ball of blue yarnOn Sivia's website are some free patterns: one of them is the Diamond Lace Bookmark. My first thought was to use chunky wool, make it longer and call it a scarf. Until I realised I have just the right thing to use: a ball of fine mystery yarn that dates back to the earliest days of my stash. I bought a lidded basket at a jumble sale, when I was at primary school and once home, I found this wool in it.

I cast on yesterday, and earlier today I scanned this:
scanned lace bookmark
It's grown since then.

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Dormouse said...

The moss coloured wool is beautiful, a lacy shawl in it would look stunning.

The bookmark is going to be very pretty too. Cool that you've found a use for it after all this time.