Monday, February 06, 2006

I was all excited

I'd checked on google to see where in their page ranks my blog came: and it was top of the list for "another dilettante". That must mean someone had linked to me, right?

Unfortunately I was wrong. No links found using their "link:" option - the page ranking is probably some souped-up bit of code, seeing as blogger is owned by google.

Hence I've added my first blog link - to Tracy's blog. She organises the Stitch 'n' Bitch sessions I go to. (I ought to blog about that at some point.) Her blog is quite new, but she has been updating daily. I haven't left a comment there, because you need to put an email address, and well, I don't know whether people get spam from leaving comments on typepad accounts.

That is really one reason why I'm often reluctant to blog. I could blog a lot more often, but I'm concious that I'm using servers controlled by google. I haven't got anything against google per se, but I'm slightly wary of big business owning my data, my ideas. Now, do I join the yahoo group I've been invited on to?

Oh for the days when the web was young, and archives unknown!

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