Thursday, October 06, 2011

A dearth of creativity

Can you write a craft blog if you aren't doing anything crafty?

Weeks have passed with almost no activity on the craft front: unless you count packing an ambroidery kit when I went away for a week (I was so busy I didn't even take the kit out of my suitcase).

Luckily, I have now done something creative, a "Dyeing for Shibori" course at Threads and Patches, in Milton Keynes. It was the second part of the course, I failed to get to back in March.

I'm really pleased with some of the pieces, but until I install the software for my new camera, they will remain for viewing in real life only.


tea and cake said...

Hi Penny, I was in threads and patches a couple of weeks ago and mentioned your blog to them and that you were going to do the 2nd part of the dyeing!
I'm so glad you've now done it.

Penny said...

Yes, it was the first time I'd done any dyeing - I was really disappointed that I missed it.