Monday, September 05, 2011

Even Yarnstorm has comment problems....

I don't have problems on this blog with malicious comments (although another site I run does). But you'd never expect that Yarnstorm, of the pretty pictures and domesticality would?

From her post, loose ends:

:: Yesterday, I put up then took down a post about discovering that someone who had been leaving long, long comments which have caused a kerfuffle (as they say on Little Britain) had done so under three different anonymous/pseudonymous names. The penny dropped when I looked up an IP number and I decided that I was going to play host no longer. I have deleted all his/her comments, and will now be less willing to leave suspect contributions where they can be read. Multiple-identity commenters make a mockery of blog discussions and keeping on top of the incoming comments could turn into a game of Splat the Rat - not something I want to play.

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