Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coming up to Christmas

It's taken a while to start thinking about Christmas in anything but a vague "at the end of December, something usually happens" way.

But now it's nearly that time. Preparations started late this year, but on Friday, I recognised the junction I was driving past as being near the Bramble Patch quilt shop. So I parked and had a look round the shop. And I decided I liked the look of the hexagonal tree skirt, but the material from the square tree skirt, and they agreed to let me swop the patterns round, and I came home with a very nice set of material to make a tree skirt. Of course, the whole idea behind buying a kit was so I could just come home and make it, without thought, so why did I then search through my fabric looking for my other Christmas fabric? And then work out the trigonometry of exactly how long each of the strips needed to be. Material is now gathered, but uncut...

Today, our sitting room was tidied. And dusted. And hoovered. (Just like we do every day (hahaha).) And then the Christmas Tree was found in the garage, and the tinsel and the decorations, and the sitting room was decorated, and I am starting to feel like the Yuletide celebrations will soon be starting.

And after supper, I got out my little tin of needlework kits, and started on Bethlehem, from County Needlecraft.


Shan said...

I like the fabric from the Square Tree Skirt better, too.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

We always do a big clean before the tree goes up...I'm not sure why, it's only going to get messy within a few days as the dust settles off the tree. :o)

Glad to hear you are getting into the festive mood...the weekend forecast sounds quite Christmassy...I'm looking forward to keeping warm with some hot chocolate or mulled wine!