Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Finally, I succombed.

Yes, I have joined the 13,000+ other people on Ravelry and started making a Baby Surprise Jacket.

I even bought yarn specially: the project needed easy-care yarn with long stripes, and I had nothing suitable. So I bought some James C Brett Bliss in a yellow/green/white combination, and cast on.

No pictures yet, not even the yarn.

FWIW, I will be coming up to my fifth blogaversary in a few days. Scary thought!


Elizabeth Anne said...

Does that mean you have finished the Loden?

Penny said...

Er, no. That's halfway up the second front, but I have been making progress on it recently. I've been doing a lot of writing for something else I'm doing, and knitting lace gives my brain a break.

But the BSJ is reasonable TV knitting (except when I lapse into stocking stitch by mistake).