Monday, August 16, 2010

I bought wool today

The last time I bought yarn of any sort was January 2nd 2009.

It wasn't even for me: a ball of blue yarn in the sale, to make a phone case for my daughter, and a ball of red Debbie Bliss something-expensive to make an iPod case for the same daughter.

Then in an effort to use up some of my stash, I stopped buying yarn. (Only yarn, not material, not embroidery stuff, not patterns.) It was a challange to myself to avoid buying yarn for a year.

It was hard to begin with, the aching desire to buy something, anything just to own something new. (A whole year - how could I do it?) But I struggled through.

By the time, a year had passed, I'd got used to not buying any yarn. It annoyed me as well, that I'd bought wool at the start of January, so my year of not buying was oddly offset. I continued to not-buy-yarn until it became so long since I had bought something that the next thing I bought would be The First Yarn in Ages. It would have to be something worthy, something special, and nothing was quite that good enough, until today.

A single skein of Hebridean aran-weight undyed wool, slightly scratchy, but it will be warm, and comforting, and will be an accent in something, as yet unthought of. A souvenir, a special skein. Newly bought wool.


Shan said...


I love the not-buying of yarn. It feels like such a victory.

scarletti said...

Celebration time indeed. Wow what magnificent will power. You deserve your reward :)

Penny said...

It showed me what type of yarn I really like. At the weekend, I could have bought some beautifully soft, beautifully dyed sock wool, but it just didn't speak to me. Instead it was the very wooly, undyed rare breed wool.

tea and cake said...

wow, that is scary - the not buying yarn bit. well done, you! especially buy something so glorious when you did start again.