Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Craft mid way through July.

July stitches knitted: 0
July stitches sewed: 22

So far a fairly pathetic month in the craft front. No especial reason, except I've got out of the habit.

I'm about to go onto my second ball of yarn on the Summit shawl, and the variation is much greater then on the first ball. What do I do? Do I take lots of photographs and blog it in excrutiating detail, or do I just get on and knit?


mon bouton said...

looks like you're in a down period... perhaps a simple little thing to knit would get you back in the tracks ? Or would you need to be on a knid of knitting strike ?
I haven't knit the summit shawl yet - it's in my queue - so I don't really see what you're talking about, may be you can blog about it AND keep knitting :)

tea and cake said...

I've heard, around blogland, that people are setting themselves the task of crafting for just 20 minutes each day (for a year.) Obv. you don't have to do the full 20 mins. or the full year ... but it's worked for me over the last few days.
I think it just means that at least one task gets done. For me, two cushions yesterday, one today and a chair seat cover cut out. I would not have attempted to complete all of them, but the mind plays tricks when only a small *bite* is aimed for, methinks!

Shan said...

I haven't been blogging about craft at all...so I'd go for "do it and don't worry about blogging it"!