Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot peach slices

At a family restaurent on Milton Keynes a while ago, I had a delicious dessert of what might best be called "fried fruit".

Yesterday, looking at the rather ripe peaches we had, I wondered about re-creating it. "There must be a recipe on google" I thought, but google didn't really seem to help. The nearest was a recipe on a site which included "gingered chicken", but that recipe had no ginger in the list of ingredients, or in the cooking instructions. Maybe they meant "gingered chickened surprise" where the surprise was that there was no ginger.

However, as it was the best I could find, I had to use it.

1) Cut fresh peaches into slices.
2) Melt some butter in a frying pan. (I used about an ounce, which was too much).
3) Add peach slices.
4) After a minute, sprinkle with soft brown sugar. Then sprinkle on some more (or not).
5) When you think it must be done by now, serve with creme fraiche.

And that was it, and it was very, very nice.

Left in the pan is a delicious looking combination of brown sugar, butter and peach juice: it looks like the butterscotch sauce my aunt used to make for ice cream.


scarletti said...

Sounds yummy, thank you!

katelnorth said...

I have a book which has a recipe for Curried Artichoke Soup, which describes it as having a mild curry flavour. As there's no curry spices listed in the ingredients, you can see why it's mild...