Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello Blog

Hello blog, do you remember me? I used to post here, about knitting and sewing and stuff.

So what have I been doing? I've been knitting Summit, but mostly when watching television. I've been sewing Pax Vobiscum, but I'm still doing the "a".

A bird built it's nest in the bush right next to our porch window, turning the porch into an observation box. We think some of the eggs have been broken, but there might be one left.


scarletti said...

Ha ha : ) It's not so long! We'll still be listening when you're sharing, and just sending you happy making vines the rest of the time! xx

scarletti said...

no, not 'vines' but 'vibes'... still 'happy making vines' has kind of a celebratory air about it: vines = grapes = wine : )

Shan said...

Summit looks cool!

Nice to see you again.