Monday, June 15, 2009

My new purse

Having shown you some of the material, I ought to show you the resulting purse (that's purse in the UK sense of coin purse):
square of

Opening it up, you can see several of the pockets. The front pocket and the one behind are from the material shown here - the back of that fabric is completely plain.
square of

The pattern was the Lazy Girl Designs Wonder Wallet:
square of
(I didn't use all the material in the background)

Firstly it is simple to make: it took me less then two hours, and I was going quite slowly, admiring it at intervals. Secondly, the pattern is well-written. You have to read it through first, but there are no places where the instructions are unclear. I think if I made it again I might make the opening for the change pocket narrower (you'd see what I mean if you had the pattern in front of you). Also I'd consider a popper to keep the back pocket shut.

So over all, a thumbs-up from me.

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