Thursday, April 09, 2009

The bloggery picnic report

Full marks to Lucy Locket for organising the bloggery picnic. It was fabulous.

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Even though I'd never met anyone there, I felt like I knew them all. We arrived at Millet's Farm early (it was closer then the route planner implied), so the kids and I spent 15 minutes looking round. At the alloted hour of 11am, we approached the swings, hoping to find the right group. And we did - Jane and her daughter. I think we were both relieved not to be alone, but we soon spotted more bloggers. Introductions were made, people swopping name, blog-name and craft.

Then we found a spot on the grass. Picnic mats - including some home-made ones - were unfolded, and we settled in for hours of chatting, eating, watching kids play, more chatting, cups of tea from the restaurant and even more chatting. Children played together, teenagers chatted or ignored each other.

After lunch, the Easter Egg swop happened: a pile of Easter Eggs on the ground, and the youngest got to pick first. Eve (a lovely person) had brought some little packets of mini-eggs as well. Then the grown-up swop. I got a pretty fish picture from Emma (no blog as far as I know), and the bag I'd made went to Julia.

(The pattern came from Village Fabrics: it was part of a kit, but I used different fabric.) And there was more chatting. And some people got out sock-knitting, and the people who hadn't brought any sighed, and wished they had got theirs. Did I mention, we all chatted?

I'm not going to do a roll-call, because I always worry I'll miss someone out. But Lesley and Lucy were just like their blogs. Ali (big sister) is less bossy then might be supposed. Julia (little cotton rabbits) is a lovely person, Kate makes gorgeous bags. I didn't spend nearly long enough talking to Kitty or Jane. And Ali and Trash were there too.

(Pictures are waiting for DH to find the memory card reader: he had it at the weekend.)


Kitty said...

It was a lovely day, wasn't it? Did you find you had sunburn when you got home? We did - I guess that sun was stronger than it felt?! I haven't blogged about the picnic yet - have had a houseful of visitors. I'll do it later today.

It was lovely meeting you - hopefully we'll do it again sometime.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Can't wait to see your pictures... :o)

You were right...I was so relieved when you walked up and I realized I was at the right place...I'd already approached some strangers who weren't in our party and felt like a complete lemon!

I hope we can all meet up again soon...I felt like I didn't chat enough with people and the day was over too quickly.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It really was a lovely day! But I got really sunburnt!!! I'm just relieved it all went so well!

Lucy x

JuliaB said...

Hi Penny! Can't wait to see your pics too! I didn't take any but I have posted a pic of your lovely bag now. xx

Moogsmum said...

It was so lovely to meet you Penny and such a great way to spend the day :-)

I hadn't realised you'd only just met up with Jane - I thought you'd come together! Just goes to show how at ease we all were with each other!

We really must do it again!


scarletti said...

What a great idea. You all must have had such fun. BTW I've nominated you for an award if you want to pop over to my blog.
Here's to more picnics of this ilk.